About Us

Gurukul Academy is an inimitable Company working with single-
minded purpose to bring a gigantic transformation in the world. It
draws knowledge from a pool of proficiency and experience to offer the
best and the most practical education to its students. It offers various
Software, Hardware and professional career-oriented courses and
focus on the pursuit of excellence in Computer Education, Training and
Research. Gurukul Academy career courses ensure students to learn
the skills that make them employable without compromising on quality
and fundamentals.

Gurukul Academy has been progressing towards advancement since
the time of its inception in 2022. The institution started off with the
idea of making all of India digitally literate. It has now been able to
establish a widespread network of 1000+ computer training centers
with different franchises all over the country. Gurukul Academy has
been able to successfully trained more than one lakh students across
10 states so far.